Feminine embodiment for the New Paradigm goddess



With a background in psychology and over a decade of studying yoga and traveling the world, the merging of eastern spirituality and western science have been a huge part of my journey and teachings. My greatest feminine teacher and guide is Mary Magdalene, and she is with me in most of my offerings.

My own path of the new paradigm priestess though, one in which I bring the wisdom of spirit through my body, sexuality, and connection to the Earth, has been entirely dharmic and awakened within me in ways that cannot truly be pinpointed to one body of knowledge.

hi beautiful, i'm delani.

mentor, coach, ceo, and pleasure priestess here to usher you deep into feminine living through embodiment, sacred sexuality, and spiritual connection.

Unapologetically sensual, this is the new 
paradigm of divine feminity

Liberated expression has been a part of my work in some way since I was a teenager, I’ve never had what one would consider a “normal” job, because I’m here to shift timelines baby! My work and offerings are authentically curated and oftentimes intuitively channeled...they are as delicious as they are edgy. Because I am all that, and so are you.

I am here to bring women into a deep awareness of their own inner wisdom, embodiment, sexual energy, and spiritual connection.

The path of the feminine is as high as it is deep, it as much human as it is divine, and in my work…it is guided by the heart first and the sacral following in deep connection. 

Whether I’m dancing naked on the beach creating content or I’m guiding a pleasure practice to my clients from a luxury villa, one thing is true: I choose this from a place of authentic desire, guided by the belief that it really does get to feel this delicious. Life really is about following my soul’s true path. Abundance truly is the natural outcome of following my inner guidance. And it is my absolute honor to guide women in doing the same. 

There is an imbalance of wounded masculine energy on this planet right now, and this shows up inside of us as a collective and as individuals. Bringing the divine masculine and feminine back into balance within ourselves, our relationships, and our world is at its core about true union of all that is. Your body and expression get to be a microcosm of this. How beautiful!


i serve you to:

  • Tap into the wisdom of your body and intuition
  • Transform sexual shame into liberated expression
  • Take your love-making from numb and boring to outrageously sacred and cosmic
  • Connect to the power and wisdom of your yoni and the natural cycles of your womb 
  • Move from a wounded imbalanced masculine way of life into one that honors both the feminine and masculine in balance
  • Shift the way you view abundance, wealth, and money 
  • Take your relationship with Gaia, with source, and with your spiritual experience way deeper
  • Upgrade the ways in which you view relating, communication, and conscious love 
  • Experience orgasmic pleasure in ways you never have before or thought possible
  • Understand how to live your yoga in sex, in love, in life
experience it

this work cannot be defined

Only Felt