Feminine embodiment for the New Paradigm goddess

We are living amidst transformational times, and many women like you have incarnated onto Earth right now to carry forth epic codes of The Goddess.

Submission to Source is a place you don't have to feel alone in that.

We combine somatics and spirituality through education, tools, and community to bring you into deeper connection with your body, sexuality, and femininity.

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Delani is a somatic intimacy coach, spiritual guide, and feminine embodiment mentor for women of the Golden Age

Welcome, Goddess

"You don't have to choose between the whore and the holy woman."

The Art of Living in Your Feminine


of Love


Feminine Unfolding



- Jillian
For the longest time, I felt crazy for not feeing capable of adapting to the demands of a largely masculine society, but Delani's teachings have given me a new perspective that allows me to feel as fluid, intuitive, and vulnerable as I truly feel while still feeling balanced within this very structured world. I feel more sensual in my everyday life as I approach each day with the goal of creating pleasure for myself. My sex life has gotten better, I left my dull job and found work that excites me, and I upgraded relationships with people (strangers included). 

“i feel like i am finally
finding me"

- Brittany 
This was the deep dive I needed back into myself, my own wisdom, and the wisdom of the earth. I loved connecting with my inner child and embracing the wild woman within. I was also able to connect with my womb space in a way that I never have and that awareness led me to follow my natural cycles and conceive my first child after years of trying.

“I was able to connect with my womb space in a way i never have before."

- anonymous
I was challenged to really slow down and go inward, dismantle limiting beliefs about myself and the world, and listen to my intuition. I was truly impacted in the most positive way by Delani. As someone who has experienced sexual trauma, I've felt very numb and disconnected from my center and my yoni. However, throughout this work, sharing with the other women and practicing meditations and embodiment rituals, I finally am able to feel more intuitive, trust myself, and actually experience multiple orgasms which I haven't experienced in years!!!

“I finally am able to feel more intuitive, trust myself, and actually experience multiple orgasms which I haven't experienced in years!!!"

I mostly lived in my masculine energy so it was a wake up call to realize why I might have felt so misaligned, and how reconnecting with my feminine can change so much. I'm learning to let go of what I used to stress over and flow with what is, letting how I feel guide me. I'm no longer attached to a logic-based linear path and I'm being led in the directions that call to me. I let go of a toxic 4 year relationship that was holding me back from deep love and happiness. My life is changing and I can't thank Delani enough! 

“Delani has just been so amazing to connect with and learn from. She truly cares about helping without judgement or urgency.

- kelsey
It's brought so much abundance of everything important into my life

“If you are thinking your body is seeking your attention but you need guidance in ways to to connect with it, this work will give you exactly that."


Yoni steaming is an ancient practice of cleansing the yoni and womb space with the sacred medicine of plants. This practice provides care and healing on levels physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual. It allows for more easeful physical clearing which in turn allows for powerful mental and emotional balance and spiritual awakening.