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A monthly membership for New Paradigm Priestesses and Modern Day Magdalenes to lead and thrive 

September schedule:

Join us for a month of pleasure!

Monthly Masterclass:
Pathways to Pleasure
September 18th, 2pm CST
With Delani 

Monthly Sensual Dance Class:
Date TBA
TIER 2 + 3

Monthly Goddess Circle:
September 27th, 2pm CST
With Delani 

Monthly Tantric Embodiment Class:
Date TBA
With Sebastian Valensi 


Monthly Masterclass

Overview: Using 5 specific pathways, Delani will take you deep into a journey of releasing blocks many of us often experience when it comes to truly surrendering into the experience of pleasure. These pathways will not only shift the way you view pleasure, intimacy, and sexuality, but they can be used as a simple, yet incredibly transformative system, to keep along side you as you move through life as the embodied, liberated goddess that you truly are.

Who it's for: This is a class for women who want to take their experience of pleasure, intimacy, and sexuality to the next level of awareness and ecstasy. Whether you currently feel like you are numb to pleasure, you are putting your sex life to the side and feeling disconnected, or you are simply a turned on goddess ready to have more wisdom and tools to up level their pleasure and thus all of my life, it’s safe to say this class is going to have that for you and so much more!

Pathway 1 - Setting the external environment  
Pathway 2 - Setting the internal environment 
Pathway 3 -  Awareness of the breath 
Pathway 4 - Getting into the entire body/sensuality 
Pathway 5 - Surrender expectations

How it works: Join the Priestess Portal membership and you will receive access to the live Zoom call as well as the recording for as long as you are a member, plus all of our other monthly medicine being offered! You are free to cancel your membership at ANYTIME.

Your transformation: This medicine will shift you from numb and uninspired into a conscious goddess, empowered in her intimacy, and approaching sex and pleasure as the sacred prayers that they truly are.

It’s pleasure for the sake of pleasure, but it’s also pleasure for the sake of conscious creation that shifts not only your life but that of the planet.

There is an infinite depth of pleasure within you when you learn to unlock it.

You, New Paradigm Priestess, you!

Join us SUNDAY, September 18th @ 2pm cst!

Our mission is to create and expand a temple for the Embodied Earth, a playground for you to not only feel understood in, but for you to feel supported and inspired to live the feminine life of your dreams.

A feminine life full of pleasure and abundance…but it goes so far beyond that. It’s about paving the way for the divine feminine and masculine to come deeper into Union on Earth, led by you in boundless LOVE.

It’s about deeply honoring through practices, tools, wisdom, and ceremony…the path of the priestess…liberated in her sexuality, intimate with her body and all of life, in trust of the wisdom of her heart. 

This is not just your individual path, but a path that expands the collective simultaneously.

Our Mission

Because the world is ours now

And it really can be this delicious 
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I am here to bring women into a deep awareness of their own inner wisdom, embodiment, sexual energy, and spiritual connection.

The path of the feminine is as high as it is deep, it as much human as it is divine, and in my work…it is guided by the heart first and the sacral following in deep connection. 

Whether I’m dancing naked on the beach creating content or I’m guiding a pleasure practice to my clients from a luxury villa, one thing is true: I choose this from a place of authentic desire, guided by the belief that it really does get to feel this delicious. Life really is about following my soul’s true path. Abundance truly is the natural outcome of following my inner guidance. And it is my absolute honor to guide women in doing the same. 

There is an imbalance of wounded masculine energy on this planet right now, and this shows up inside of us as a collective and as individuals. Bringing the divine masculine and feminine back into balance within ourselves, our relationships, and our world is at its core about true union of all that is. Your body and expression get to be a microcosm of this. How beautiful!


Your host


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Plant spirit medicine, conscious consumption, nervous system regulation, psychology, daily mindful living 

Sexuality, conscious relating and partnership, yoni codes, polarity, sexual liberation, emotional alchemy and manifestation 

Meditation, yoga, breath work, movement, ritual, philosophy, spiritual and material abundance, Mary Magdalene teachings, death and birth medicine 

Cyclical living, new paradigm leadership, divine feminine and masculine medicine, intuition, sensuality, womb wisdom, infinite love, and heart-alignment

Feminine Embodiment  


Sacred Sexuality Intimacy 

Holistic Heart-Centered Wellness 


Is this for you?

Truthfully, I trust you to know if this is for you far more through your own intuition than my personal word, you powerful angel!!!

Because you know if this is your path. Most likely, you’ve know for a long time…but perhaps you feared truly living it, devoting to it, or admitting it.

I get it, a lot of the world is not ready. That’s why you’re a leader. That’s why the path is for you to carve, goddess. 

It feels scary only because through those doors, when you trust, is incredible love and liberation. 

This is a temple for you to be among other women on this path, and to hold yourself accountable to this in a conscious way. 

You know if it’s for you. 

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Monthly Payment of
Monthly Payment of
  • A monthly live masterclass facilitated by Delani or a guest teacher

  • A monthly goddess circle facilitated by Delani or a guest teacher

  • Access to the PP community forum and Telegram groupchat 

Sneak Peak

The content will grow each month and will continue to be available to you overtime, so long as you remain a member. You can also leave the portal at any moment!

In addition to Delani’s teachings, we will be welcoming guest speakers, teachers, and facilitators so you can learn from experts in the fields associated with our membership pillars.

For now, this is what it looks like to be inside:

Monthly Payment of
  • Everything accessible in Tier 1

  • Recorded embodiment practices, meditations, and mini lessons from Delani and guest teachers

  • Monthly sensual dance class
  • Everything accessible in Tier 1 and 2

  • A STS yoni steam mailed to you monthly 

  • Monthly live tantric embodiment class with my beloved, Sebastian Valensi 

The Priestess Portal, created by Delani Morgan, and presented by Submission to Source has just laid its ground work.

So when you join the membership right now, you are considered to be a founding member of the community.

- Brittany 
This was the deep dive I needed back into myself, my own wisdom, and the wisdom of the earth. I loved connecting with my inner child and embracing the wild woman within. I was also able to connect with my womb space in a way that I never have and that awareness led me to follow my natural cycles and conceive my first child after years of trying.

“I was able to connect with my womb space in a way i never have before."

- anonymous
I was challenged to really slow down and go inward, dismantle limiting beliefs about myself and the world, and listen to my intuition. I was truly impacted in the most positive way by Delani. As someone who has experienced sexual trauma, I've felt very numb and disconnected from my center and my yoni. However, throughout this work, sharing with the other women and practicing meditations and embodiment rituals, I finally am able to feel more intuitive, trust myself, and actually experience multiple orgasms which I haven't experienced in years!!!

“I finally am able to feel more intuitive, trust myself, and actually experience multiple orgasms which I haven't experienced in years!!!"

I mostly lived in my masculine energy so it was a wake up call to realize why I might have felt so misaligned, and how reconnecting with my feminine can change so much. I'm learning to let go of what I used to stress over and flow with what is, letting how I feel guide me. I'm no longer attached to a logic-based linear path and I'm being led in the directions that call to me. I let go of a toxic 4 year relationship that was holding me back from deep love and happiness. My life is changing and I can't thank Delani enough! 

“Delani has just been so amazing to connect with and learn from. She truly cares about helping without judgement or urgency.

- kelsey
It's brought so much abundance of everything important into my life

“If you are thinking your body is seeking your attention but you need guidance in ways to to connect with it, this work will give you exactly that."

Just how powerful you are in devotion, held by community, as you claim this path that is yours. 

This is a playground to not only feel liberated and ecstatically blissful inside of, but to feel truly aligned in your mission and purpose on Earth at this time.

It gets to be delicious! It gets to be vulnerable and authentic! It gets to be full of the most love and intimacy with life you have ever known, gorgeous. 

Starting now.

Step inside the portal!

Imagine for a moment...


They will vary. The call times will be sent to you at the start of every month. 

When will the live calls be?

Yes, you can do so at anytime.

 Am I able to cancel my membership or swift to another Tier?

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the nature of digital content, we do not offer refunds.

The Priestess Portal is created specifically for women, and we kindly ask you to respect these boundaries!

Can I get a refund?

I am a man, can i join?

Everything will be recorded for you.

What if I can’t make a live call?

It renews 1 month after the date you signed up.

When does my subscription renew each month?

As long as you are a member, you will have access to our growing library of content!

How long do I have access to the content?

Please reach out to us at submissiontosource@gmail.com or DM on instagram @submissiontosource.

Any more questions?

It does not. It’s meant to be a living library for you to play in at your own pace.

However, we will have different topics each month that we'll dive into inside of our masterclass that keep the theme of our core community pillars.

Does the content follow an order?

Prior to joining the membership, we kindly ask you to read the student code of conduct and policies page in its entirety!


Be held in community and continually expand.