Feminine embodiment for the New Paradigm goddess

Lay the groundwork for divine feminine alignment

The Art of
Living in Your Feminine

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For my queens ready to FINALLY invest in the introduction to EMBODIED feminine living.

Basically, this delicious bundle lays the groundwork for the 6-week Feminine Unfolding container.

Is it a necessary pre-requisite? Nope.

You can grab the bundle and never do Feminine Unfolding. You can do Feminine Unfolding and never get the bundle. You can do both and radically transform your approach to life.

But let's just say, this can definitely get you wet and open for WHATEVER might come next ;)

Is this you, babe?

✔️ You are READY for abundance to be what you are internally guided by versus it feeling like something you earn after lots of "hard work".

✔️ Your soul says YES to aligning with the embodied confidence to pursue your authentic passions.

✔️ Your yoni is blooming to the vision of Earth-shattering orgasms and heart-expanding intimacy.

✔️ You give yourself permission to replace numbness and hyper-sensitivity with utter presence, relaxation, and pleasure.

✔️ Consciously communicating your desires is a skill you ready to be the GOAT at.

✔️ Magnetizing your visions with ease? Seducing your dreams? Mmmm, yep, ready to radiate from the inside out.

✔️ Good riddance to the dissonance between what you're told is "the way" versus what feels aligned intuitively, in your BODY, in your YONI.

✔️ A 9-5 and working for the weekend might be cool for some, but not for a free, wild goddess like you.

✔️ Life feeling like a linear race toward productivity and external success is not the un-sexy shit you signed up for.

✔️ Wait, you’re right, my authenticity absolutely IS enough to fulfill me. Silly me for ever assuming otherwise.

You are ALSO allow ready to swim within the dark vortexes of the womb, into the pulsating center of creation, to be present with the entire spectrum of existence.







You, my love, are a goddess aching to continue bursting open to be penetrated by the force of the life Spirit intended for you.

And it is so. fucking. beautiful.

Let’s dance together.

So basically, you are ready to lay back and relax into surrendered pleasure, into deep trust in the divine, into internal embodied power.

The 1.25 hour long masterclass laying the groundwork for divine feminine living, available to you forever.

We discuss the energetics of the masculine and feminine realm, the history of divine feminine suppression and its relation to ancient prophecy, accessing altered states of consciousness to shift subconscious programming, utilizing presence and pleasure to magnetize and orgasm to manifest, the current wounded-masculine paradigm, and our role moving forward within the Age of Embodied Remembrance. 

1 guided womb ceremony including yoni breathing, mantra chanting, steaming, deep emotional release, intuitive movement, & more.

1 guided yoni deamouring audio meditation, focused on releasing tension from both the body and the yoni, relaxing the nervous system, and bringing balanced feeling back into your being. 

A guided workbook full of affirmations, journal prompts, and exercises to assist in ushering you into fully being led by the feminine...deliciousness.

what you'll receive:

- Brittany 
This was the deep dive I needed back into myself, my own wisdom, and the wisdom of the earth. I loved connecting with my inner child and embracing the wild woman within. I was also able to connect with my womb space in a way that I never have and that awareness led me to follow my natural cycles and conceive my first child after years of trying.

“I was able to connect with my womb space in a way i never have before."

- anonymous
I was challenged to really slow down and go inward, dismantle limiting beliefs about myself and the world, and listen to my intuition. I was truly impacted in the most positive way by Delani. As someone who has experienced sexual trauma, I've felt very numb and disconnected from my center and my yoni. However, throughout this work, sharing with the other women and practicing meditations and embodiment rituals, I finally am able to feel more intuitive, trust myself, and actually experience multiple orgasms which I haven't experienced in years!!!

“I finally am able to feel more intuitive, trust myself, and actually experience multiple orgasms which I haven't experienced in years!!!"

I mostly lived in my masculine energy so it was a wake up call to realize why I might have felt so misaligned, and how reconnecting with my feminine can change so much. I'm learning to let go of what I used to stress over and flow with what is, letting how I feel guide me. I'm no longer attached to a logic-based linear path and I'm being led in the directions that call to me. I let go of a toxic 4 year relationship that was holding me back from deep love and happiness. My life is changing and I can't thank Delani enough! 

“Delani has just been so amazing to connect with and learn from. She truly cares about helping without judgement or urgency.

- kelsey
It's brought so much abundance of everything important into my life

“If you are thinking your body is seeking your attention but you need guidance in ways to to connect with it, this work will give you exactly that."

Now more than ever we are being distracted, being pulled externally in a thousand directions, being persuaded, being seduced out of our bodies. Out of our core energy. Out of our intuition.

Now more than ever our autonomy is being toyed with. And we are being asked to take sides. Under the illusion of separation.

Now more than ever then, we must sink deeper into the body. It’s never been about ascending anywhere, it’s always been about returning more deeply to body and Earth to remember our true purpose.

Beyond artificial system. Beyond weaponized religion. Beyond ignorant “education”. There’s soul purpose, both individual and collective. And it’s not found by watching the news, by following someone on social media, by picking up the next self-help book. It’s found through deep presence, deep acceptance of what is, and deeply embodied intuition.

Now more than ever, it is time to usher in the Age of Embodied Remembrance. To create from our authentic energetic signature, because that’s what Gaia craves. That’s what your soul craves.

So, breathe. Lay down the illusion of anything or anyone needing “saving”, and remember...you, surrendered in authenticity is enough. You, fearlessly creating is needed. You, trusting in your body’s intuition above all else is perfect. Divine. And epically sexy.

Love, Delani x



you ready, honey?

Let's dance inside the realms of dark, sexy magic together.