Feminine embodiment for the New Paradigm goddess

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Each day for a week, make it a point to connect with your yoni for 5-20 minutes.

(Do this for 4 weeks in a row and come back and tell me your life doesn’t change in incredible ways, I bet you you won’t.)

When we make it a point to adjust our consciousness to our place of creation, our literal portal of life and death, first and foremost we can be guided by her, with our heart along side, and then our mind following as a humble ally.
Monday: Breathe into her - Breath is the carrier of life force energy, and when we direct it toward the yoni, she has space to come alive. She has space to truly feel, and when we truly feel we can begin to process stuck emotions, alchemize, and let this space be a clear channel to connect with ourselves, our lovers, and Spirit. Spend 5-10 minute taking deep breaths starting from the yoni, through the tummy and the heart, and out the throat. Repeat this several times.
Tuesday: Gaze at her - How many women have actually done this, looked into a mirror in celebration and curiosity of our pussies? Through the eyes of love and understanding, instead of shame and harshness. Try it for a few minutes. Breathe as you do so and notice what comes up. Simply allow it, whether that’s laughter, tears, discomfort, turn on, etc. All of it is precious and necessary if it is coming forth in the present moment.
Wednesday: Meditate on her - Instead of meditating on your third eye, try meditating on your yoni for 5-10 minutes. She is a bridge between universes, so believe me, she carries a lot of codes that can connect you on the path of your true Dharma (life’s purpose). No need to intellectualize. Simply listen with warmth, openness, curiosity, and detachment.

Thursday: Massage her - Just like any part of your body, the yoni has plenty of muscles and nerve endings, and when we massage her we enhance circulation leading to more lubrication, sensation, pleasure, and orgasm. There is no point to the massage except to listen to her needs and use your fingers to tend to them gently. Again, if emotion comes in, let it. It’s your body processing previous experiences. That’s alchemy and how somatic healing happens in real time.
Friday: Speak to her - Do you ask your yoni what she wants? What she needs? Are you aware of her boundaries and limits? What about slowing down and going to her with a relationship issue. I bet she has a lot to offer regarding your body and spirit’s authentic path. Try it. Maybe the answers won’t come immediately, but they will come eventually. Trust.
Saturday: Let her play outside - YONI SUN BATHING, HELLO! Getting vitamin D on your pussy has incredible benefits for your health and happiness. Also, if you’re on your period, free bleeding onto the Earth. Connecting her with nature’s pulsation. There is nothing more intimate. Take 5-20 minutes and try it.
Sunday: Pleasure her in a new way - Whatever your go-to way to pleasure your yoni tends to be, try something different. This could be in the realm of masturbation or it could be something sensual but not inherently sexual such as dancing outside with a skirt on and no panties, feeling the breeze on her as you do. We often get used to specific pathways of what feels good for us and it is amazing to be familiar with them, but it also is so healthy to teach our body and brain new pathways (quite literally neural pathways) to take when receiving from and giving to yourself.

So those are the 7! I hope they can serve you in magical ways in the week ahead and beyond.
Let me know which one is your favorite, how this post lands for you, and how to goes when you do them! I love to know and hear your experiences!
All of my love,

Delani / Founder of Submission to Source